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eNews – Sept 18, 2018

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This week, we officially begin competition season! Please read to the end because there is a lot of info here and a BIG NEED at the bottom of this post.


MONDAY: Rehearsal – 3p-5, Sectionals

TUESDAY: Rehearsal – 3p-6p

THURSDAY: Sectionals – 3p-6p

FRIDAY: Away football game @ Page (details below)

SATURDAY: Rehearsals – 8a; leave Summit @ 10:45a (details below)

FRIDAY, 9/21

Away game @ Page High School

4:30p – Eat dinner, change into uniform (no shakos, pep band only)

5:15p – Rehearse Stand tunes in band room

5:45p – Load horns and drums

6p – Depart

6:20p – Arrive, unload, go to stands

7p – Game starts

9:30p – After game, load up, depart for Summit

10:15p – Arrive at Summit, unload, clean up, dismiss


Stones River Championship @ Siegel High School, Murfreesboro

8a – Rehearsal

9:15a – Load trucks

10a – Eat lunch

10:45a – Depart

11:45a – Arrive, unload, stretch, get ready for warm up

1:15p – Warm up

2p – PRELIMS performance

2:15p – Meet at trucks, put equipment away, change out of uniforms

3p – Eat dinner (there will be a concession stand available as well)

4p – Prelims Award ceremony

5:30p – Finals begin (If we make finals, we will draw for a performance time. If we do not make finals, we will load up and come home.)

TBD – Finals performance

9:15p – Finals Awards

9:45p – Load up, depart for Summit

10:45p -Arrive at Summit, unload, clean up, dismiss


We are getting there but still have a good number of payments due. Payments were due August 1 & September 1. Please check your balances in CHARMS and get those payments in so we do not have to CANCEL any competitions this season.


We need more volunteers for pit/props. Pleaselog into CHARMS and sign up to help.


Our first car show was a success. We had over 50 cars and some great vendors. Thank you to everyone who helped; from getting door prize donations to putting out fliers to helping run the event. We could not have done it without you!


We are looking for 2-4 people to help run our flag fundraising program. The current organizers are stepping down after this season to enjoy their student’s senior seasons, but will train everyone taking their place. This is our largest fundraiser and we need your help to keep it running. Please email or for more information.

Matthew Stone – Chair

Tami Bell – Finances

Kristin Kight – Volunteers

Laurie Kamunen – Fundraising

Stacey Dobecki – Secretary

Band Parent Meeting – September 11, 2018

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From the Board:

Schedule & Schedule Changes for this week

  • –  Sectionals on Thursday instead of Monday due to SSMS football game at Summit
  • –  Friday is an away game at Columbia Central, the band will play (full uniforms, no

    props), eat dinner and load trucks & buses

  • –  Saturday – be ready to start practice at 9am (bring lunch), dinner is provided for those

    who have paid for the meal plan. Kids will stay all day, travel to the WILCO Expo and return after the Expo is over (approximately 11:00)

    WILCO Expo

    – Centennial High School – limited parking, consider carpooling
    – Bands perform starting at 7pm
    – Admission is $10 for adults/$5 for 12 and under
    – Still have volunteer needs for Pit & Props and a Guard Chaperone
    – Arrival time for Volunteers is as follows: Food Crew 3:15 Pit/Prop 3:15 Chaperones



    – Microsoft issues earlier in the week
    – Delete and reinstall app/desktop version works fine


    – 1st & 2nd payments covered instructors for the season
    – July payment – Food/Meal plan
    – August & September payments cover competition expenses (trucks, bus drivers, etc)- Statements were sent out this week, contact Tami Bell to transfer funds if you have a

    Misc balance from fundraising


    – Reminder from Cassondra for kiddos to take gloves, shoes, etc home (only uniforms stay at school) so uniform closet & band room stays smelling fresh


    – Car Show postponed until 9/16 due to weather
    – Still need volunteers, an email will go out with details for each volunteer area- Looking for help distributing flyers for Cars & Coffee on Saturday (9/15) from

    – Still looking for more door prizes – gift cards from local businesses
    – Spirit Night at Culver’s on Monday 9/17
    – Franklin Synergy Bank Sponsorship – part of donation will go toward a Parent

    Meeting Door Prize to increase attendance at monthly meetings. Winners will get a credit toward their child’s band fees

    From the Band Directors:

– Addressed some parent concerns from Friday night’s game (9/7). Clarification about Nolensville playing at halftime and shortened shows for both bands due to reduced halftime due to weather delay

  • –  Many compliments about Summit’s hospitality to Nolensville
  • –  Schedules for Seigel and Columbia contests are available & will be distributed soon
  • –  Show Shirts should be on Charms soon
  • –  Will march in the Veteran’s Day Parade

Concert Dates
10/15 Wind Ensamble 7pm

11/12 Veterans Day Concert 7pm

Band Schedule This Week…

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MONDAY: Rehearsal – 3p-6p

TUESDAY: Rehearsal – 3p-6p; BAND CLUB MEETING – 6p

THURSDAY: Sectionals – 3p-5p

FRIDAY: Away football game @ Columbia Central

SATURDAY: Rehearsals – 9a; WILCO @ Centennial, leave Summit @ 4:45p

FRIDAY, 9/14

Away game, Columbia Central

Practice after school, WE ARE PERFORMING AT GAME

4p – load trucks

4:30p – eat

5:30p – Depart for game

10:30p – Arrive at Summit, change and dismiss


Williamson County Exhibition @ Centennial

9:00a – Rehearsal

12:00p – Lunch

12:45p -– rehearsal

3:15p – Load trucks

3:45p – eat, then change into uniform bibbers

4:45p – load buses, depart for Centennial

5:15p – Arrive at Centennial, unload

6:00p – mass band rehearsal

7:00p – Exhibition begins

9:00p – Mass band performance

9:30p – load trucks and buses

10:00p – Arrive at Summit, unload, change, clean up and dismiss.


The first $150 payment was due August 1. The second $150 payment was due on September 1. Please check your balances in CHARMS and get those payments in so we do not have to CANCEL any competitions this season.


We need more volunteers for WILCO for pit/props. Please log into CHARMS and sign up to help.

CAR SHOW • RESCHEDULED for Sunday, 9/16

Due to weather today we rescheduled the car show for next Sunday.Please go share our Facebook post to make sure everyone attends.


Please help your child remember to take home gloves, marching shoes, and any clothes worn to school, practice or games. These can become a breeding ground for bacteria, fungus, and cause a horrible “locker room” odor. If not taken home, the clothes will be donated to Goodwill.

Matthew Stone – Chair

Tami Bell – Finances

Kristin Kight – Volunteers

Laurie Kamunen – Fundraising

Stacey Dobecki – Secretary


This email has been sent via Charms Office Assistant on behalf of:Summit High School Band
Spring Hill, TN 37174

Car Show Date Change

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All –

Due to the weather forecast for Sunday the 8th, the Car Show is being delayed one week and will now be held on Sunday, September 16th.


See the car show page for the updated flyer.

eBand News – Announcement from Band Directors

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Good morning Band Family!


I hope this finds you all well!  I am writing for a couple of reasons.


Frist, due to the Spring Station Football game NEXT Thursday (9/13), we are tweaking the schedule.  The rehearsal schedule for next week are as follows:


MONDAY – Full Band, 3:15p – 6:00p

TUESDAY – Full Band, 3:15p – 6:00p

THURSDAY – Sectionals – 3:15p -5:00p

FRIDAY – Home Football game


Basically, we are switching Monday and Thursday. If high school students want to stay after Thursday and play with the 8th grade band at the game, it would be a great opportunity to help us start recruiting!


Second, as of right now, we have only had about 30\% of students turn in competition fees. These payments were due 8/1 and 9/1… this is a problem. Please get these fees turned in ASAP. We DO NOT want to have to cancel any competitions because fees are not turned in. Putting a competitive band on the field takes money. Please try and make some arrangements to get these turned. Thanks!


Erick Harris & Scott Atchley

This email has been sent via Charms Office Assistant on behalf of:

Summit High School Band
Spring Hill, TN 37174

Summit Band e-News

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MONDAY: Sectionals – 3p-5p

TUESDAY: Rehearsal – 3p-6p

THURSDAY: Rehearsal – 3p-6p

FRIDAY: Home football game vs. White County



We need parents and students to sign up to help with install. Remember if you or your student has sold a flag subscription we require that you volunteer for at least three of the installations throughout the year.


The first $150 payment was due August 1. Please check your balances in CHARMS and get those payments in so we can compete this season. The second $150 payment will be due on September 1.

CAR SHOW • Sunday, 9/9

We need you to make this event a success. Please share the event flyer on your personal Facebook page and sign up to volunteer! We also need about 20 giveaways, restaurant gift cards/coupons for free appetizers, auto service free oil change/tire rotations, etc. Please be asking as your out and about.


All games and competitions are on the calendar in CHARMS. There may not be times for all events, but you can still sign up to volunteer.


Senior band uniforms will be available to check out after marching season. More information to come after the season is concluded.

Matthew Stone – Chair

Tami Bell – Finances

Kristin Kight – Volunteers

Laurie Kamunen – Fundraising

Stacey Dobecki – Secretary


This email has been sent via Charms Office Assistant on behalf of:Summit High School Band
Spring Hill, TN 37174

A message from Erick Harris and Scott Atchley

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Hello Band Family.
It has come to our attention that many of you are confused or have questions about the recent decision to not perform our show during halftime at away games within Williamson County. We would like to clarify and dispel any rumors circulating about our decision. While we did announce and explain this decision at our last parent meeting, we realize that not everyone could attend.

We take complete responsibility for this decision. We did discuss this issue with several of the band directors from Williamson County and ultimately decided that this was the best option for our organization. Many of the other directors have decided to follow the same path. No person or organization has placed any pressure on us. We continue to enjoy a wonderful relationship with our administrators, couches and other directors within the county.

This decision was made for a number of reasons. First, marching band shows are long. The bands of Williamson County are very competitive driven and marching shows oftenapproach the 8 to 9 minute mark. We are given 20 minutes at halftime to try and squeeze in two of these performances. Once we factor in equipment movement, prop set up, electronic set up/test and transit on and off of the field, there is rarely enough time. Tradition and courtesy allows the visiting band to perform first. If there is an issue or that band goes long, the home band must omit a portion their show for their own home crowd or risk running into the 3rd quarter of the game. A second reason is that by not performing our show, we are free to explore new literature in the stands. This is an attempt to not only challenge our students with more variety of music but also to develop and cultivate a better relationship with our fans. Our competitive show features music that is exciting and challenging for our students but often it is new or unknown to our fans and community. By exploring more diverse literature, we can play music more recognizable and hopefully win over more of our audience.

We understand that new procedures can be uncomfortable at first. We also know that we are charged to provide the best possible experience for your children. We take that responsibility very seriously. As parents ourselves, we know what it is to be an advocate for our little ones. Please know that if you have questions, comments or worries, you can call or email us at any time. We are very open to discussion about anything related to our students. We simply ask that you please do follow the chain of command. Please start with us. Then if you aren’t pleased with the result, contact our administration. After that, we have a wonderful fine arts director, Melissa Dufrechou, that would be happy to speak with you.

Thank you for your time and for allowing us the privilege of teaching your children!

Erick Harris and Scott Atchley