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Marching Spartan Families,


At the Franklin Exhibition on Saturday, the volunteers will tailgate at the trucks after the performances. If you’d like to join them, bring the following:

•Any dish to share! The band is providing plates and forks, you bring the rest!

•A chair (or two)

•Your own drinks

Students will have dinner delivered by City Café! We’re asking parents for dessert donations as an added treat!! Please drop those off to Shannon Howard today (Thursday, October 26) after practice, before or after Friday night’s game, or when you drop your student off on Saturday morning.


You’ve all been asking what you can do to help end the season on a high note for our students! Well, here’s where we need your help!

Franklin Band Club is asking the participating bands to set up ‘booths’ or tents with tables, before the performances, so volunteers can distribute candy to the all of the participating school’s band students after they perform. It’s kind of like a trunk or treat. The Summit Band Club will be providing bags for our students to collect candy.

We thought it would be great if each section of our band had their own booth decorated with a Halloween theme to give out candy. Please offer your support and help with this.

Thanks for helping us turn something bad into something good!!