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Good morning Band Family!


I hope this finds you all well!  I am writing for a couple of reasons.


Frist, due to the Spring Station Football game NEXT Thursday (9/13), we are tweaking the schedule.  The rehearsal schedule for next week are as follows:


MONDAY – Full Band, 3:15p – 6:00p

TUESDAY – Full Band, 3:15p – 6:00p

THURSDAY – Sectionals – 3:15p -5:00p

FRIDAY – Home Football game


Basically, we are switching Monday and Thursday. If high school students want to stay after Thursday and play with the 8th grade band at the game, it would be a great opportunity to help us start recruiting!


Second, as of right now, we have only had about 30\% of students turn in competition fees. These payments were due 8/1 and 9/1… this is a problem. Please get these fees turned in ASAP. We DO NOT want to have to cancel any competitions because fees are not turned in. Putting a competitive band on the field takes money. Please try and make some arrangements to get these turned. Thanks!


Erick Harris & Scott Atchley

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Summit High School Band
Spring Hill, TN 37174