Band Meeting Minutes – October 9, 2018

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Opened the meeting for parent questions – none at that time
Recap of Grand Champion win at Bandapalooza – Once again our kiddos were recognized as well behaved, respectful & commended for showing good character during the award ceremony.
Brief discussion about how scoring can be different from contest to contest from Harris and Scott
Overview of Music City Invitational (MCI)
~ finals schedule unknown, based on draw once preliminary awards are announced.
~ 10 bands will make it to finals
~ schedule for Saturday in email & posted below

SATURDAY, 10/13 – Music City Invitational (MCI)

8a – Rehearsal

9:40a – Load trucks, bring a snack to eat, then change into bibbers

11:10a – Depart

12:10p – Arrive, unload, stretch

1:40p – Warm up

2:30p – Prelim performance

2:45p – Return to trucks, put away equipment, eat meal

3:55p – Prelim awards & announcement of Finalist

If we make finals, the schedule for the rest of the evening will be determined by our performance draw (finalist bands draw for performance order). If we do not make finals, we will finish loading up and return home.

6p – Final begin

9p – Final awards

9:30p – Load trucks

10p – Depart

11p – Return, unload, clean up, and dismiss

Contest of Champions is October 27th @MTSU

~ We have reserved the field at MTSU on Thursday 10/25 to practice on the field – hash marks are different on college/university fields and this will give us a time to practice and be more prepared for the competition.

~ Students will be fed before heading to MTSU to practice

Friday’s Away game @Centennial 10/12

Away game @ Centennial High School

4:30p – Eat dinner, change into uniform (no shakos, pep band only)

5:15p – Rehearse Stand tunes in band room

5:45p – Load horns and drums

6p – Depart

6:30p – Arrive, unload, go to stands

7p – Game starts

9:30p – After game, load up, depart

10:15p – Return, unload, clean up, dismiss


~ We still need volunteers for Friday night

~ If you cannot volunteer but come to pick up your student, we could use your help unloading the trucks – they will get done faster that way too!

Show Shirts

~ Available in Charms

~ Deadline is FRIDAY OCTOBER 12

Board positions will be available for the 2019-2020 school year, contact a current board member for more information.