Winter Drumline Parent Meeting Notes

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The schedule was handed out for the first competition on 2/16.

Schedules for future competitions will go out at least one week in advance.

9/23 No contest or camp is currently scheduled

3/2   10:41 am performance time @ Spring Hill HS

3/9   5:20 pm performance time @ Columbia Central HS

Competition Info:

Equipment will be left set up in the middle school cafeteria after Friday night practices.

Truck Driver: The driver will be the one to pick up the truck from Home Depot each week. No money involved.

Truck Loaders: We need 4 adults to secure things onto the Penske truck before leaving for each competition AND before leaving the competition to come home (SIGN UP ON CHARMS).

Pit Crew: Help is needed at each competition to move the front ensemble equipment on and off the completion floor. There will be a practice run-through at the end or Friday night’s and Saturday morning’s practice (SIGN UP ON CHARMS).

Drivers/CarpoolingNO STUDENT DRIVERS!

Carpool drivers MUST take the same kids to and from the competitions. We will need roughly 5-7 vehicles to transport all the kids. If a parent wants to take their own kid back to the school to unload, there needs to be communication with the carpool driver first. This is very important! (SIGN UP ON CHARMS)


Contact Laurie Kamunen to get carwash cards. 50% of the price of the cards sold goes toward fees in Charms.


Money is needed each year for uniforms, instructor’s paychecks, music, truck, etc.

Please try to pay each installment. If you are unable to pay the full amount, communicate with Tami Bell. She is also the person to contact if you need to move money from “miscellaneous funds” to a payment. 


We are playing it by ear. Each week will be a little different depending on competition times, concession stand options, etc. 

BBQ sandwiches, chips, drinks, and dessert will be served this Saturday at camp for $5 each.

2/16 Kids need to bring money for the concession stand after the performance. They will be home for dinner.


We are looking for a “pull cart” to take the 8-piece drum set on and off the performance floor each competition.