Band Information: Week of May 21, 2019

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Good evening Spartan Band Families!!!
Congrats on making the Marching Spartan Band!!!  We are looking forward to a wonderful year!
Couple of house keeping items:
1.  Please make every effort to attend the next Parent Meeting, Tuesday, 6/11 at 6:30 pm in the band room.  We will be discussing important items related to band camp and this coming season. 
2. Please make sure you have made the first $150 pledge that was due at try-outs.  The next pledge payment of $175 is due on June 1, 2019.  If you are participating in the food plan for this band season, that $150 is due June 15th.  The food plan is completely optional but you must decide to participate prior to band camp.
3.  If you were not able to attend one of the parent meetings during auditions, please complete the attached google document.  
4.  Several families have asked about flag subscriptions and renewals.  As the board, we are making some changes to the flag subscription guidelines.  The previous guidelines indicated that the student received a portion of the monies obtained from a new subscription or a renewal.  Students now receive the full total of the subscription towards their band pledges. 
5.  Additional guideline changes reflect who receives credit for renewals. Flag subscriptions and renewals are how several families cover their band pledges. Please do not actively attempt to recruit a renewal from an active member in the band.  If a subscriber chooses to renew their subscription with a different student, that student will receive the pledge credit.  But again, please be courteous to other band families and do not actively recruit renewals from current band members.   
6. Several people have asked how to find out what renewals are “up for grabs” and “who in my neighborhood does not have a subscription”.  We are looking for practical ways to disburse this information. The easiest way to obtain new subscriptions is to see who in your neighborhood does not have a flag and either place a subscription form with your student’s name in the mailbox or go to the door. 
We are looking forward to a great season!  If you have questions, please email us at
Kristin KightSummit Band Board Chairperson

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