Band Club

What is a Booster?

Every parent and band member guardian can be a booster! A supportive band booster club is an essential element of a successful band program. It provides the chance for parents of each family to participate at some level in supporting the band community and the experience to be a part of the program. We are an essential support group for the band program as a whole.

Band Club Meetings

The second Tuesday of each month 6:30 in Summit auditorium. Every parent of a student in the SHS band program are band club members and welcome to attend.

The board sends a weekly band email update to keep our band family informed of upcoming events including upcoming rehearsals and meetings.

Band Club Board

The Band Club Board helps the band program build strong relationships through unity, commitment and discipline resulting in strong leadership, excellence and friendship throughout the student’s lifetime. The Band Club Board exists to provide the overall logistical and financial support for the entire band program. The board is everyday parents and guardians volunteering their time, and elected to help make the band program at Summit High School the best it can be.

Band Club Positions 2019-2020


Chairman: Kristin Kight

  • General Operations
  • Props Construction/Maintenance
  • Pit Crew
  • Travel/Transportation

Secretary: Stacey Dobecki

  • Charms Calendar Updates
  • Communication (emails, facebook)
  • Website/Social Media Management: John Ellis
  • Notes for Board Meetings
  • Assist all other board members
  • Assist with management of Coordinators & Groups

Treasurer: Tami Bell   

  • Student Accounts Management
  • General Fund Management
  • Charms Store Management

Volunteer Coordinator: Julie Duel

  • Charms Management/Communication
  • Volunteer Groups/Committees
  • Parent Connection: Lead: Alyssa Anderson
  • Hospitality:
  • Band Family/New Members
  • Hosting Visiting Bands
  • Section Parents:
    • Color Guard Parent
    • Flute Parent
    • Clarinet Parent
    • Trumpet Parent
    • Mellophone Parent
    • Tuba/Contra Parent
    • Baritone Parent
    • Saxophone Parent
    • Trombone Parent
    • Battery Parent
    • Front Ensemble Parent
  • Winter Guard:
  • Winter Guard Competition
  • Chaperones
  • Food Crew: Leads: ­­­Hope Brown & Ellen Mangold
  • Uniforms: Lead: ­­­Becky Nalley
  • Medical: Lead: ­­­Danelle Warburton
  • Recognition Lead: ­­­Stacey Dobecki
  • Banquet: Leads: Band Club Chairs & Volunteers
  • Band Banquet: Band Club Chairs & Volunteers

Fundraising Coordinator: Laurie Kamunen

Asst. Fundraising Coordinator:

  • Corporate & Local Sponsorships
  • US Flag Program
    • Administrator: Aimee Hull
    • Operations: Jason Hull
  • Kroger Cares
  • Scrips
  • Fundraising Events (will form committees for each event)

Goodwill Drive:

Car Show: Committee

Kid’s Garage Sale:

Valentine’s Dinner/Dance & Silent Auction: Committee

WOTS: Committee

SOTS: Committee

  • Program Ads for WOTS (Winter Guard)
  • Spirit Nights
  • Moon Pie Sales