Parent Notes

2020 Marching Spartans!

All about Team App!

How to set up Team App – Follow this tutorial to set up Team App. It’s the main source of information for the band!

Each section has their own Team App area so you can discuss section-specific plans. We also have graduation year areas so you can discuss items that pertain to your band experience with others at the same year.

Team App is also the place to order spirit wear, marching shoes (MTX), uniform shirts to wear under the bibbers, and more! You can add it as an app on your phone or visit the Team App website.

We love volunteers!

Tennessee is known as the Volunteer State, so go ahead and read a little more on why you should volunteer! If you’re not sure how you can help out, check out this list of volunteer descriptions.

The Band Life

The first two-week band camp will test your child’s commitment to the band. Read this to see how you can help them do their best and survive band camp!

Read the latest copy of the 2021 Marching Spartans Parent Handbook to read more about our program. We have a lot of good information with our plans for this season.


The 2021-2022 Band Calendar has been published.

Keep up with all of the Band dates!!  Did you know that you can subscribe to the Band Calendar on Team App?  Login to your Team App and you can add the right calendar format for you from this URL:

Once you add the calendar to the format of your choosing this will add all band events as a new calendar on your smart phone so you can keep up with all posted events. Adding the calendar to your…and your musician’s phone is a great way to keep everyone in the know!

To see the live updates as they happen you’d want to see the Team App Calendar. We have a tab on our website to view it as a calendar.

2021 Marching Band Orientation

Upcoming freshmen or new to our band parents: please download and read through this packet:
For Freshmen – here’s how to fit band into all four years while at Summit High School.


Football Calendar

Here’s the football calendar for the 2022 season:

Questions? Please reach out to